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Financial support for energy bills 7 Jun 2022 The District Council has launched a scheme to help residents who missed out on Government rebate

West Oxfordshire District Council has launched a new scheme designed to support residents who missed out on the original Government Council Tax rebate and are struggling to pay their bills.  

The original, non-repayable £150 rebate was targeted at all homes in Council Tax bands A-D but will have inadvertently excluded people who also need financial support. To rectify this, the Government has provided a discretionary fund to all district councils to help their residents on low incomes who missed out on the rebate. This may have been because they live in sheltered or shared accommodation or don’t pay council tax for health or caring reasons.

Full details on who is eligible for this money can be viewed on the District Council website. Applications – which will need to include evidence to support claims – can also be made via the website before the closing date of 5 July. As the District Council has a limited amount of money to cover this scheme, the financial support offered to each case will depend on how many successful applications are received.

The District Council has warned that applications may take a few weeks to be processed as the team are keen to avoid any fraudulent claims on the fund. The intention is to start making payments to successful applicants from late July.

While all the details and the application procedure is on the District Council website, those who struggle to access the internet or need additional support can call the main line on 01993 861000 for assistance.



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