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June update on Conduit Lane 1 Jun 2022 Planning permission has now been granted for the critical repair work

We have been informed by Oxfordshire County Council that West Oxfordshire District Council has approved the planning application for the critical work required to re-build the wall on Conduit Lane.

The renovation work – deemed necessary to ensure the footpath is safe for pedestrian use – can now be scheduled, although dates are as yet unknown. The documents relating to the planning application are available on the District Council website.

To allow sufficient time for the work to be carried out, the County Council has extended the closure period for Conduit Lane. We have informed the Council how frustrated our residents are by the closure of a key footpath and were assured that Conduit Lane will re-open as soon as the work is complete.

We will update you on this website if there is any further news about the Conduit Lane works and when they will be completed. Documents related to the closure and the planning application can be downloaded below.



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