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What’s going on with Eynsham’s bins? 4 May 2022 The Bin Rationalisation and Renewal programme explained.

Many of you may have noticed some changes with Eynsham’s rubbish bins in the past few weeks. This is due to the new policies that have been adopted by West Oxfordshire District Council around municipal waste bins in a bid to ‘rationalise’ their use.

Across the district, the Council has been removing a large number of dog waste bins and general litter bins, provided there is another nearby. Where possible, the removed dog waste bins are being replaced by larger, dual-purpose bins that can take all waste, including bagged dog waste.

Encouragingly, the contents of these ‘dual’ bins will be sent to Ardley Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in a move that is helping to direct 95% of the country’s municipal waste away from landfill.  

The Parish Council worked closely with the District Council team to review the changes that were being made in Eynsham. We wanted to ensure bin placement suited our community’s needs and highlighted any issues we foresaw, such as a lack of capacity/frequency of emptying in the most heavily-used bins.

We are hoping that all the issues have now been addressed and the new bins will suit meet the community’s needs, but if any residents encounter problems, we urge you to get in touch. In particular, we would like residents to let us know of:

  • Any bins that are not being emptied at all
  • Any bins that are being emptied too infrequently (getting too full or smelling unpleasant)
  • Any locations where an additional bin would be useful

Concerns can be emailed to our clerk Katherine on



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