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Conduit Lane consultation 26 Apr 2022 The consultation for the work required in Conduit Lane is now open

After unexpected delays, the planning application required ahead of the work to re-open Conduit Lane is finally lodged and open for consultation by the District Council.

A section of the wall of 5 Mill Street requires re-building in order for Conduit Lane to be safe for use. Oxfordshire County Council is also taking the opportunity to widen the footpath by 1m. In its Planning Statement, it advises:

...there is a wider public benefit to be had by relocating the position of the wall by creating a safer route for pedestrians and generally allow the public right of way to be safer and lighter and a more attractive option.’

As part of this work, a sign similar to the one shown at the bottom of the page is planned to provide historical information about Conduit Lane. As both the wall and the property it belongs to are Grade II listed, any work must adhere to strict legal requirements and therefore requires a planning application, hence the delay.

The planning application is now open for consultation until Friday 20 May. You can access the documents and comment on the plans via the District Council website. After this date, the District Council will decide on whether the work can go ahead.

We are hopeful that re-building work will commence during the summer, although timings remain unknown at this stage. We will update this website with any news as and when we have it. We recognise how frustrating and inconvenient this closure is for our residents, not to mention the length of time the process is taking. Read more details about the closure and the diversion route in our previous article.    



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