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Avoid blocking Eynsham pipes 12 Apr 2022 Advice from Thames Water following recent pipe blockages in the village

The Parish Council has been contacted by Thames Water to advise our residents on what they can and can’t flush down the toilet after recent incidents of blocked pipes and overflows in the village.

Thames Water engineers were called out last month to clear a blocked pipe in Witney Road, which impacted two properties on Bartholomew Road. The same pipe had been blocked previously and engineers found face masks and baby wipes amid the other debris.

Despite some companies claiming that products are ‘flushable’, Thames Water advises residents to bin items such as baby wipes rather than disposing of them down the toilet. Often, the so-called ‘flushable’ products don’t break down sufficiently and cause blockages. This is more likely when the local pipework infrastructure is fragile and easily blocked, as in Eynsham.

With the issue of sewage ending up in our local rivers still an ongoing concern – and such a community fervor for environmental protection in our Parish – being mindful of how we dispose of waste is an important action that we can all take to avoid causing harm or inconvenience.

For advice on how to dispose of different household products and keep the water flowing freely, visit the Thames Water website.



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