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Solidarity with Ukraine 23 Mar 2022 St Leonard’s church is lit up with a Ukrainian flag to show our solidarity and sense of outrage at the Russian attack

Eynsham residents who are out after dark may notice that St Leonard’s Church tower is being lit up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag from this week.

To demonstrate our sense of outrage at the ongoing Russian invasion and to show solidarity with the plight of the Ukrainian nation, Cllr Ross Macken, Eynsham Parish Council – with permission from the church – has set up a projector to light the church tower in the colours of the flag each evening from 7pm until 11pm.

Many buildings across the nation are showing similar colours as a way to show support for those who are suffering. It is planned that the Eynsham church tower will continue to be lit up in this way each evening until the conflict is resolved and Ukrainians are once again able to live in peace.


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