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Newlands Inn is a ‘community asset’ 19 Nov 2021 Parish Council plans to register the pub as an Asset of Community Value

Following our Planning Committee meeting in November, Eynsham Parish Council will make a request to West Oxfordshire District Council that the Newlands Inn is added to the register as an Asset of Community Value.

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new Community Right which allows us to request that a local property is listed as being of value to our Eynsham community. It will need to be proven that the property’s main use furthers the social wellbeing of the community.

This action has been prompted by village-wide consternation at the news that the current owners of the Grade II listed pub planned to turn the property into a private dwelling. The pub had been in operation until early 2021 when the owners ended their tenancy. Their planning application – which followed a period of struggling to sell the property – was rejected after over 100 objections were lodged.

Newlands Inn started serving the community in the 1860s and many in Eynsham would like to see it re-open as a pub as part of preserving the village’s heritage. If the District Council lists the pub as an Asset of Community Value, any subsequent attempt to sell the property will be delayed, allowing time for the community to consider making a combined purchase of the building.

It is understood the District Council will decide on our application within eight weeks of receiving our request. We will keep you updated as and when we hear more.   


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