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How do I dispose of this? 30 Sep 2021 An online tool advises on how best to dispose, repair or recycle household waste locally

Do you ever find it difficult to know how to dispose of household items – or wonder whether they could be re-used or repaired for another’s use locally? Oxfordshire County Council has a free online tool on their website to help identify how best to process your waste.

Waste Wizard was launched in January 2020 to tackle the increasing issue of contaminated recycling, which can’t be processed. It could also encourage residents to recycle more – about half of things put in the general waste bin could have been recycled, research showed – or donate fixable items for repair and re-use. 

It’s an easy and quick tool to use via the website. By typing in a postcode, followed by the name of the item, the wizard provides a number of different options. This might include a repair, with a list of the nearest places providing this service, or suggest a donation to a charity, with the closest venues to consider provided. Alternatively, the wizard might advise which bin the item should be placed in and the best practice when putting it out for collection.

Oxfordshire residents already perform above average for the country when it comes to recycling – indeed, we are the best county in the UK, with 58% of all our waste either being reused, composted or recycled compared to the national average of 45%. That being said, there is always more that we can all do to reduce damaging waste and it’s hoped that the online tool will help. Read more about it on the Oxfordshire County Council website.


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