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Closure of Back Lane 'Bring Site' 21 Apr 2020 Eynsham Parish Council provides background information on the lead up to the site closure

Following an arson incident in September 2018, the Parish Council asked the District Council (WODC) to remove the ‘Bring Site’, due to its lack of proper management; its inferior quality bins and the volume of fly-tipping.  The site was not removed as WODC considered it was managing the site appropriately.

Over the following year, Councillors and residents continued to regularly report fly-tipped waste to WODC, it often taking several days for the requests to be processed and the waste to be cleared.  In November 2018, concerns were raised about the volume of trade waste being deposited at the site and this was discussed by WODC’s Cabinet.

Following further resident’s concerns in October 2019 (about the ongoing fly-tipping and an increase in rats in the area), WODC was asked to remove the fly-tipped waste (which had reached record levels with a settee, paint, garden waste and a number of household items) and to tidy up the car park by maintaining the shrubs/trees. 

Over the months, the site would go through ‘peaks and troughs’ of appearing to be looked after.  However, it was noted that fly-tipped waste would often appear at weekends (when there were no collections) and it would take a number of days/weeks before the waste was removed.

In February this year, residents raised concern again about the negative impacts of the site who felt that on balance, it should be removed.  The site was situated between the Village Hall and the Doctors’ Surgery, and directly on a main walkway from West and North Eynsham to the village centre, in a built-up residential area and it was therefore felt to be in the wrong place – it did more damage to the local environment than it solved. 

District Councillors Dan Levy and Carl Rylett sought to have improvements made while the Parish Council deferred its decision whether to ask for the site to be removed (again).  At the March Parish Council Meeting, a number of continuing concerns were raised including the site being used for commercial waste, frequency of waste collections, lids of bins always being open, cleanliness of the site.  Household/kerbside collections are available for items that would ordinarily be taken to the site.  It was therefore resolved to request that WODC remove the Bring Site unless and until it is able to make improvements (ie use of cameras and better management).  The Bring Site was removed on 20 April 2020. Click here to learn what can be collected from your home or call 01993 861000 to speak with WODC Customer Services.


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