Eynsham Parish Council News

A40 Survey Update 17 Oct 2017 A belated apology and full schedule from OCC on the handling of this project, which has been a major inconvenience to residents

In response to pressure from County Councillor Charles Mathew and from Parish Council Chairman Gordon Beach, Oxfordshire County Council has finally given some account of the night-time surveys taking place on the A40 between Eynsham and Duke’s Cut (which began on 18 September). A full schedule and apology have been delivered to the residents most affected; correspondence dated 4 October follows.

Dear Councillor Mathew,

Regarding the issues that you have raised below, I would comment as follows:

• Temporary traffic lights: I have re-confirmed with our works contractor that besides the small length of time (say 5–10 mins) in setting up the necessary traffic management, the traffic on A40 was not at all impeded and the remaining surveys do not require any full-time night-time closures.

• Excessive floodlighting: I have instructed our works contractor to minimise lighting use and lower the mounting height of the floodlights to reduce lighting pollution. I have also written separately to Mr Peedell to apologise for the disruption caused, as well as leaving him with my work mobile number, should he need to get in touch.

Raymond Cheung
Project Sponsor - Major Infrastructure Delivery
Communities Directorate l Oxfordshire County Council
County Hall l New Road l Oxford l OX1 1ND

Mob: 07770444006
Email: raymond.cheung@oxfordshire.gov.uk

To: Susan Halliwell, Communities Directorate, Oxfordshire County Council

I had the assurance from Raymond Cheung yesterday that the A40 had at no time been closed. At the Parish Council Meeting last night, I had confirmation from Eynsham Councillors that this is simply not so. I understand that if it has been closed, a TTRO (Temporary Traffic Regulation Order) should have been sought.

Clearly the lights, about which I also talked to Raymond Cheung and the reason I requested a schedule / timetable for the works being undertaken until December, are causing much inconvenience to those living beside the A40.

This matter must be promptly solved to all parties’ satisfaction or alternative accommodation provided; the present situation cannot be allowed to continue to provide disturbance to local residents.

I will repeat that while these works may be necessary for the preparation of full plans for the Bus Lane / Park and Ride and roundabout being currently undertaken (although not yet approved by the DfT), consideration of the local residents would have involved due warning and consultation before it began.

Charles Mathew
Oxfordshire County Councillor for the division of Eynsham