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Rest spot for local walkers 15 Dec 2022 With support from the Rotary Club, the Parish Council has installed a new bench near the Fishponds

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that a new bench has been installed near the Fishponds, with generous support from the Rotary Club of Eynsham.

Improving the area around the Fishponds has been a focus for the Parish Council in recent times and one task was to review the benches, some of which are beginning to rot away. Our local Rotary Club generously offered to provide some financial support towards the funding of a new bench, which has now been installed.

A resident previously suggested that a suitable spot for a bench would be what is locally known as the ‘dog leg’ – the section of land between the Fishponds and the QEII playing fields – and it has proved true. The bench was installed as suggested and can now provide those resting their legs with views across the wildflower meadows and down towards the Chilbrook.

We hope walkers will appreciate this new bench as they continue to enjoy the green areas around the Fishponds, whatever the weather. The Parish Council would like to thank the Rotary Club for their generous financial support and helping bring a simple but important amenity to our residents in one of our loveliest local spots.



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