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Conduit Lane latest 1 Dec 2022 A weekly update on the progress of the required works

The Parish Council has been in contact with those involved with the Conduit Lane project. We can share an update of the progress over the past week.

Legal transfer of the land was completed on Tuesday (28 Nov), allowing for wall-building work to commence. The footings have been dug and the concrete has been poured. The concrete will require a week or so to set fully before new stone – which has been ordered – can be laid to re-build the wall.

The County Council is arranging for the signpost at Mill Street to be removed as soon as possible. This post will be replaced once the new alignment of the wall is confirmed. If there is any delay with this process, it will have no impact on the ultimate re-opening of the footpath as soon as safety work is complete.

We will continue to update residents on the Conduit Lane closure as often as we have new information to share.  



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