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RAF Brize Norton emergency advice 30 Sep 2022 Reminder of resident action in case of emergency

As part of the national regulations around Major Accident Control, RAF Brize Norton is required to issue clear instructions and have plans in place to manage and mitigate a major accident in the unlikely instance of one happening.

As Eynsham parish is located fairly close to RAF Brize Norton, we would like to draw your attention to the guidance for anyone living in the vicinity on what steps to take following an incident on the base.

This is not intended to cause any alarm. The risks have not changed and the hazardous substances that are stored and handled on the site are licensed under strict International, National and Ministry of Defence standards set by expert groups and overseen by independent authorities. Rigorous inspections and frequent audits ensure safety standards are not only maintained, but continuously reviewed and improved.

In the incidence of a major emergency at RAF Brize Norton, anyone who is close by or believes they may be in danger should enter a safe building and stay inside until advised otherwise. You should also turn on local radio or monitor activity via local media online (on websites and via social media). All instructions issued by emergency services should be co-operated with fully.

More details on the guidance can be found in the leaflet available to download below. Residents are also able to read the letter, sent by Claire O’Grady (Group Captain, Head of Establishment), that RAF Brize Norton has issued on this matter.



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