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OCC urges "extra care" 22 Dec 2021 The County Council encourages caution as Oxfordshire Covid-19 cases top national averages.

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has urged residents to take extra care to protect themselves over the festive period as the rate of Covid-19 cases in the county continues to rise rapidly.

According to a recent press release from OCC, the case number in the county has risen by 34% in the past week, while in Oxford there has been a 79% rise in cases. It is believed that the new variant, Omicron, accounts for 65% of local cases.

Ansaf Azhar, OCC Director of Public Health, has welcomed the fact that high numbers of people in Oxfordshire have come forward to get a booster vaccination, which “undoubtedly offers extra protection to everyone during this new phase of the pandemic”. He encourages people to practice the usual precautions to stay safe over the festive period.

He says: “Ventilate rooms with fresh air, wash your hands regularly, wear face coverings in crowded indoor spaces, keep your distance from people when possible. Every little bit of cautious behaviour will help stop the spread of the virus and protect you and your loved ones. Perhaps most importantly, we urge people to test before they go to meet people.”

While the OCC (much like the rest of us) awaits further instruction from the Government on what, if any, additional restrictions might be incoming, Ansaf concludes that “the ball is in our court as individuals to take care of ourselves and our families as best we possibly can.”


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