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Council view on W.Eynsham SDA 16 Nov 2021 Here's what Eynsham Parish Council think of the plans seen to date - do you agree?

As part of the West Eynsham Strategic Development Area (SDA) Liaison Group, Eynsham Parish Council has attended three meetings with developers to help inform the Masterplan that is open for consultation by Curtin & Co on Wednesday 17 November (online exhibition) and Friday 19 November (Village Hall)

Whilst stakeholders have not seen the final consultation Masterplan, the Council’s observations (below) have been formed from the information that has been provided to date.

You are welcome to join us at these consultations. Community stakeholders have urged Curtin & Co to take these steps, giving you the chance to make your opinions known, so please take this opportunity to share your views on the plans.

Based on what we know of the plans, these are the Parish Council's views:

Positive Points

  • Linear Park that links from the north, along the west boundary to the east.
  • Provision for a Primary School and community hub.

Negative Points

  • Flood risk remains a concern.
  • Land south of the Chilbridge Road is currently a significant recreational and nature-rich space located close to the village that will be developed.
  • Spine Road is a poor use of land with detrimental impacts on two Public Right of Ways and a Scheduled Monument.
  • Impacts on the environmentally sensitive Chil Brook and Grade II Listed Chil Bridge.

Unknown Points/Insufficent Detail

  • Commitment to low carbon homes.
  • Commitment to the right mix of homes, affordable homes and tenure.
  • Biodiversity net gain.
  • Connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to the rest of the village.
  • Ability of the current sewage system to cope with new houses being built.
  • Safety concerns around vehicular access to West Eynsham development from A40.

We welcome your views and hope to see you at the consultation on Friday 19 November at the Village Hall. More details on the plans will follow when we have seen the Masterplan and can share next steps. 


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