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Get Parish Council news in your inbox 19 Oct 2021 Have you signed up for the new enewsletter yet? Stay connected!

Are you keen to feel more connected to the community and be the first to know what local governance issues might impact you or your life in Eynsham parish?

The Parish Council is preparing to launch a new e-newsletter to deliver a regular update of news, events, activities or consultations directly to your email inbox. Are you interested in signing up?

Receiving our newsletter will not only ensure you hear the news first, it will also make sure you’re updated on all the latest activity at the council – and have an opportunity to get involved.

Eynsham parish is a great place to live and work, but it also faces challenges and pressures in this changing world. We’re working hard to preserve and protect it, to maintain and upgrade it, and we’d love you to join us on some of our projects or highlight issues and areas of focus for our future work.

Keep in touch with our activity by signing up to the newsletter here.  


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