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Gravel Extraction 24 Feb 2011 The County Council's draft minerals strategy faces a number of challenges

The OCC draft minerals strategy concentrates sand and gravel extraction in existing areas - including Eynsham / Cassington / Yarnton; view Oxford Mail report 26 October 2010.

County Councillor Charles Mathew, supported by 10 other members, has called in this decision:

"The decision by the Cabinet on 18th February 2011 Agenda Item 8 b(i) is contrary to the interests of Oxfordshire residents primarily due to:

"insufficient consideration of the issue of sustainability, which would naturally lead to a hybrid solution in the interests of all parties; this implies that too little emphasis has been placed on the problems of crossing the River Thames, since the larger needs for gravel south of the Thames at Grove, Didcot, Harwell and the like should be administered from pits in their local vicinity. This is supported by secondary issues, which together merit reconsideration of the spatial strategy approach, such as spreading the onus, aftercare and infrastructure."

This call for a review means the decision will be revisited by a Scrutiny Committee, who have the ability to refer it back to the Cabinet for further consideration.

Meanwhile the Parish Council has set up its own Gravel & Minerals Committee, which meets for the first time on Monday 7 March. Members of the public are welcome to attend.