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Wytham View grass cutting 18 May 2023 An update on the situation

Eynsham Parish Council has been contacted by a number of residents living in Wytham View about an urgent need for grass cutting on their road.

Upon investigating further, we have discovered that Cottsway Housing Association (which operates some of the houses on this road) stopped cutting the grass last year because they had decided the land was owned by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). This would mean cutting the grass was the responsibility of OCC, not Cottsway.

Unfortunately, Cottsway did not make OCC nor the Parish Council aware of this decision and so the grass has been left uncut.

The Parish Council has an agreement with OCC to take on the grass cutting duties for those areas that would be their responsibility. We undertake this task monthly rather than the twice-yearly grass cutting as is standard at OCC.  We will add Wytham View to our list of areas to cut.

We’ve made contact with Cottsway and are requesting their comprehensive grass cutting maps. We are also liaising with the appropriate officer at OCC to confirm that we are cutting the correct areas going forward.

Thank you to the residents who informed us of this situation and so helped us get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution. We encourage you to keep in touch if you encounter any other issues.



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