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Conduit Lane latest 22 Dec 2022 Your regular update on repair works

We can now share the latest update we have on the status of repair works in Conduit Lane, based on information supplied by those involved in completing it.

The stone that is required to re-build the wall has now arrived on site (as of 22 December). With the temperatures now above freezing, the work to lay the stone can start in the few days before the Christmas holidays – this would not have been possible last week, as the weather was too cold.

Understandably, those contracted to build the wall will pause their activity for the Christmas holidays, before resuming their work in January.

The Parish Council has been asking Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) about how the pedestrian diversion routes can be made more accessible. The routes have been inspected with some alternatives considered. Creating more accessible routes would require the re-engineering of surfaces and/or the reduction of gradients which would require additional funding that is apparently unavailable.

Additionally, these changes would have the added inconvenience of closing more pedestrian paths in the villages to make accessibility changes, alongside the ongoing closure of Conduit Lane. The County Council has assured us that they remain focused on completing the work in Conduit Lane and want to re-open the path as soon as possible in the new year.

We will remain in contact with those responsible for completing this work and provide further updates to our residents in the new year once the activity has resumed.     



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