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Meet a Councillor: Andy Mosson 1 Mar 2022 How well do you know your parish councillors? Find out more about Andy Mosson in our quick Q&A.

When did you join the council?

I first joined the council in 1993 and have done two stints totaling 23 years.

Why did you want to join the council?

It was very simple; a speeding motorcyclist went through a neighbour’s hedge. We thought it was time to do something about speeding traffic so we both joined the council. Result: road humps in Spare Acre Lane and Acre End Street. I appreciate they are not universally liked but I believe, even now, they have a positive impact.

What do you enjoy about being a councillor?

I think the greatest pleasure is in achieving small things which enhance village life and improve our community. Being involved with village activities can be very rewarding.

What has been the biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenges relate to the huge developments now proposed. It can be almost impossible to fully grasp the detail and it is frustrating that everything is led by developers, with the planning system preventing local authority planners from leading the way.

What are some of the misconceptions about the Parish Council?

I think some village residents overestimate the powers of a Parish Council and look to us regarding issues which are in the hands of the District and County Councils. We need to better engage with residents to improve understanding and continue to work hard on the things within our control which improve village life for us all.

What projects or activities are you most enthusiastic about?

I’m keen to see better community use of the Bartholomew Room and enjoy being part of the planning process whenever it is possible.

Why do you like living in Eynsham?

Eynsham has a unique identity which allows us all to become involved with the community if we wish to. We have many more facilities than the smaller villages but have still retained our close community atmosphere. We have beautiful countryside around us and are near enough to larger towns to access their resources, while remaining a separate community.

Which local event do you enjoy most?

Eynsham Carnival is one of my favourite events and I look forward to its return. On a smaller scale, any excuse for a gathering in the square or centre of the village is welcome!

What was your profession?

I have recently retired but worked for 47 years with medical equipment. For the last twenty year I was responsible for the technical support for renal dialysis in all the major hospitals within forty miles of Oxford.

What did you enjoy about your work?

Working with long term kidney patients was incredibly rewarding and a real privilege. I also relished being part of a technology that was in its infancy when I started my career and I was then able to see it grow into becoming a readily-available treatment for those who need it. That’s very exciting.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I am still getting used to retirement and having more time available for family life. I walk a lot and am trying to overcome feeling guilty about sitting down to read or to listen to music – I will get there! I look forward to being able to go out for pub lunches and meet people without having to worry about social distancing. I miss that free interaction with others that we took for granted pre-Covid.

Do you have a question or a concern you’d like Andy to raise with the council? You can contact him via email on

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