Neighbourhood Planning News

ENP Public Meeting – Dec. 4th 22 Nov 2017 The Independent Examiner of our Neighbourhood Plan has asked for a meeting with both Parish and District Councils.

Ann Skippers, Independent Examiner of Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan (ENP) has requested that a meeting be held with representatives of Eynsham Parish Council and West Oxfordshire District Council, chaired by her, to assist her understanding of the intent of the Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan and to establish and agree a way forward for the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The meeting will be held in public so anyone is welcome to attend and observe.

However, submissions from the public will not be taken and there will not be an opportunity to debate the merits of the ENP (or the West Oxfordshire Local Plan)

There is obviously a lot of controversy about the Local Plan but it must be stressed that Ann Skippers is the Independent Examiner of the Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan and is not involved in the West Oxfordshire Local Plan examination in any way. It would be entirely inappropriate to embroil Ann in our dissatisfaction with WODC's treatment of Eynsham in the new Local Plan.

So please come to the meeting to keep yourself informed but please have respect for guests in our village and do not expect this meeting to do more than is set out in the agenda.

As this is a public meeting, EPC will be putting out notes of what was discussed as soon as we can after the meeting.