Neighbourhood Planning News

Little By Little 2 Aug 2017 Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan has been put out for formal consultation.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will be examined for 'soundness' by a Planning Inspector late in September and is now in a final, formal consultation period which runs until 17:00 on Tuesday 12 September.

Our consultation at the end of 2016 used your comments to improve the plan - you can download the comments and what we did with them below.

The process is different this time: the comments will be presented for the inspector to consider, together with all the other plan documents - there won't be any changes to the plan unless she requires them to make the plan sound.

Anyone is able to comment via the WODC website. Messages of support are welcome too.

If the inspection goes well, the final stage will be a village-wide referendum - after which the Neighbourhood Plan comes into force, possibly before the WODC's own local plan.