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10 things you need to know 18 Jun 2018 The most important things you need to know about plans to develop Eynsham

Too much, too quick, too thoughtless

1. There are just 2,000 houses in Eynsham today. The District Council plans to build 3,200 more houses fast (2,750 for Oxford’s unmet need and 550 for local needs) and that’s just the beginning

2. This is a 4 x increase on what was proposed by the Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan (750 much needed houses and infrastructure for local people)

3. With a new business park (which may threaten local shops) as well, the size of Eynsham will quadruple

4. Infrastructure will lag behind houses and there will be no additional secondary school

Do you want to spend even more time in traffic?

5. 3,200 more houses means 5000+ new cars - the business park will bring even more

6. The A40 is already above capacity - 23,000 – 30,000 vehicles use A40 into Oxford each day*

7. Planned improvements are inadequate, e.g. the proposed park & ride is for just 1000 cars

8. Completed improvements have made little difference to journey times along the A40 even before the building of houses here and further west

Eynsham will become a town, and ecological biodiversity, agricultural land and sites of archaeological interest will be lost

9. Potentially a six lane A40 through the centre of our community

10. Ecological destruction

Despite these massive changes, West Oxfordshire District Council has ignored the voices of Eynsham. This is all too much, too fast, and too thoughtless. Join the Fight for Eynsham on July 15th to make your voice heard!

* Connecting Oxfordshire: Investing in the A40”, Oxfordshire County Council


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