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Time for Direct Action 9 Mar 2018 WODC’s modified Local Plan does not address Eynsham’s concerns about the A40, transport, infrastructure and local housing needs

You may have been one of many Eynsham residents who responded to the WODC’s Local Plan consultation that ended before Christmas. Many expressed concern about the soundness of the Plan (lack of engagement with local people, blatant disregard for the impact on the A40 of the proposed development, and the methods used to make decisions about development sites).

In the latest set of modifications, it would seem WODC didn’t listen (again) to concerns about infrastructure, transport, building houses that local people can afford, as well as heritage, history and biodiversity issues. EPIC will be making a strong stand, so you might want to send in again your same response(s) to WODC by post or email  (deadline –April 9th), click (Local Plan links) - and shout very loudly why you don’t feel listened to.

However, if you have consultation fatigue, we will be putting up our petition about the Local Plan on this web page. So watch out for it and, if you agree, please sign! 

If you want to put your energy into Direct Community Action, join us on the A40 next month to draw attention to the unsoundness of the Local Plan and highlight the traffic congestion issue.

Community Action


The demonstrations will begin in early April at rush hours beside the A40 and the Toll Bridge, as well as in Eynsham and surrounding villages if they want to join us. The A40 message will go forward in the context that we are not NIMBYs; that we want a sound development plan that is going to be good for newcomers, as well as us.


We are preparing an online petition to be sent to the Local Planning Inspector, the WODC, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, our MP and local media.

A link / details for the demos and petitions will be put on our web page EPIC.

Thanks for your support.


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