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EPIC braces for vital consultations! 30 Jul 2020 UPDATED NEWS re Deadline and Web Links for Garden Village Outline Planning Application. Two other consultations also imminent

Since late 2016, EPIC supporters have taken on our Councils and developers to make local development at Eynsham fit for the 21st century and the best it can be. And now, we face a crucial moment. A time when we need to stand together.

WODC has uploaded, for public consultation, Grosvenor’s outline planning application for the Garden Village with a planning reference number – 20/01734/OUT.

Garden Village Consultation deadline - Thursday, August 13th 2020

UPDATE: We have now been told by WODC that they will accept written submissions after August 13th. Possibly even up to the end of the year until after the WODC's Garden Village Area Action Plan (AAP) public consultation has taken place (see below) and then submitted to the Inspector).  We will keep you informed.

If you want to stand by our community, you can now respond to this application by clicking on this link which will direct you to WODC’s planning portal. There you can read the entire submission documentation and also provide your comments.

We suggest you start with the Design & Access Statement (1-10 below), then move on, if you wish, to the more indepth Planning Statement. [Update: The 'Design & Access Statement' links have been sporadic. So if they don't work, click here on 208 documents. Then click on ‘Show All’ box, then 'Design Statement'.]

Design & Access Statement

  1. Introduction & Understanding the context
  2. Understanding the West Oxfordshire Settlements
  3. Community Engagement & Design Review
  4. Range of homes, Burial ground, Employment
  5. Landscape Strategy
  6. The Masterplan
  7. Access & Movement
  8. Height, massing, density; Creating a Healthy Place; Climate Resilience; Placemaking; Western Neighbourhood.
  9. Northern Neighbourhood; Eastern Neighbourhood; Village Centre.
  10. Local Facilities, Employment, Delivery - Site location plan

Planning Statement - Click here.

Grosvenor have listened to us, to a more than usual, extent. They have also worked with the challenges we put to them (click here). We don't think their responses are sufficient, so please challenge what you think they are missing!

In addition to this outline planning application consultation, WODC will be conducting a public consultation on the parallel pre-submission AREA ACTION PLAN (AAP) FOR THE GARDEN VILLAGE that they have created. It will set out the principles and policies that the outline planning application will have to meet. It is not available yet for consultation, but we are expecting it very soon.

A huge number of EPIC and other community groups helped to build this AAP by commenting on earlier versions in 2018 and 2019. Together, we helped WODC create a plan founded on Climate Change. This new version sets out the development strategy and policies that all the developers of pockets/parcels of the Garden Village will have to follow. (You may already know that Grosvenor don’t currently have the responsibility to turn their outline planning application into reality, so they will not necessarily be building any of the site. They were employed by the landowners only to develop this outline planning application). It is likely that the Grosvenor plans are better than any that will follow from other developers, so we need to make it as strong as we can.

Finally (for now at least!), we expect the WODC consultation on the West Eynsham Strategic Development Area to be imminent.

So EPIC will be busy this summer examining documents for these consultations and offering you help you with any responses that you wish to make personally!  If you want to join our mailing list, contact us at [email protected]

Enjoy the sunshine too!!!
The EPIC team


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