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Rotary Club of Eynsham
16 Dec 2019 18:00 - 20:15 at Eynsham Village

Santa will be escorted around the streets of Eynsham and nearby villages, by members of the Rotary Club of Eynsham and Friends of Rotary, during weeks commencing Monday 9 December and Monday 16 December.

Please note that routes may have to be changed at short notice due to possible weather and technical issues, but the intention is to cover the areas as follows:

  • MONDAY 16 - Eynsham West: Merton Court, Merton Close, Blankstone Grove, Witney Road, right into Clover place, turn around in Back Lane car park back to Witney Road, turn right. Thornbury Road, Willows Edge, Bartholomew Close, Witney Road (East layby), park at entrance to Tilgarsley, right into Old Witney Road, Fruitlands.
  • TUESDAY 17 - Cassington Cassington Event - Village Hall
  • WEDNESDAY 18 - Long Hanborough: Roosvelt Road, Pinsley Road, return to main road, turn right, then left into Churchill Way and continue along Churchill Way including Beckets Close and Glyme Way. Continue to main road (A4095) by church. Finish by returning to Church Road and stopping outside the Hand and Shears pub in Church Hanborough and collecting from nearby houses
  • THURSDAY 19 - Eynsham - Spareacre: Spareacre Lane up to Stratford Drive and turn right continue to Shakespeare Road including left turn to grove. On reaching Spareacre return to Stratford Road Junction and continue along road to T Junction with Hanborough Road. Turn right and right again at John Lopes Road. John Lopes Road, Evans Road, Back Lane (to car park, turn around) and finish at Falstaff Close.


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