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This is a defining moment - UPDATE! 26 Aug 2020 EPIC/GreenTEA are at hand to help you respond to the Garden Village Outline Planning Application! NEW LINKS


Sorry, weblinks in our guide below are not working so here they are as well.

WODC will be accepting responses well into the autumn. It is great to see Eynsham residents already responding!

  • Community letter/online template response created by Eynsham residents that you can just download, print and post, or email to WODC (see postal address in the guide below) – this will only take you minutes. Or even better, you may want to use it as a template to select your areas of interest and add your own experiences, ideas, views and recommendations or create your own letter or online response. Personalised responses carry more weight in consultations. In this case, you would need to copy the downloaded letter and put in a Word document, then you can edit it. You can then submit it online or send by email.
  • Our Guide for preparing and sending in your response
  • Examine the GreenTEA and EPIC key priorities for the Garden Village development which we consider largely unmet and how they were arrived at through Eynsham groups’ meetings with Grosvenor and WODC.
  • Garden Village Outline Planning Application (OPA) Guide – for an introduction and list of documents, showing those to be decided now (see p.8)
  • Grosvenor's GV website- they asked us to give you this link.
  • An Eynsham news item with web links to key documents if you want to go into more detail.
  • Draft Area Action Plan (AAP) – for your own comparison with OPA in terms of vision and standards. We expect consultation on this important document to start soon. NB: The AAP draws considerably on the Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan which was developed by Eynsham residents and Parish Council.
  • The Garden Village principles – AAP Appendix 3, p.233-236, to see the principles and how the AAP has responded to them
  • Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan – for comparison with OPA

Details for sending in your letter or response by post or email can be found in the guide below or in the link above. Here is the link for the the form for filling in your response online.

At last we have got our heads around developer Grosvenor's huge and complex Outline Planning Application for the Garden Village. To help you we are offering a template which you can just send to WODC, as it is, or modify it to your areas of interest and add in your own views to create your own letter or online response. Personalised responses carry more weight in consultations.

Attached below:

  1. A guide about how to create and send in your response
  2. The template letter/online response

So please have your say, however short, about this IMPORTANT outline planning application.

Good luck!

The EPIC & GreenTEA teams with endorsement from the Eynsham Society


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