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EPIC petition to WODC - UPDATE 22 May 2018 EPIC has 1,067 signatures and we need more! Please sign - it only takes a minute.

Please sign our petition NOW and we will send it to the WODC, Oxfordshire County Council, Theresa May, Opposition party leaders, appropriate secretaries of state and housing ministers.  It will only take a minute. 

EPIC petition

Also, watch out here for details of EPiC's next big fun impact event on the A40 on Sunday, July 15th, 11.30-12.30.   Please join us!

If the West Oxfordshire District Council Local Plan goes ahead, life for current and future Eynsham Parish residents will be a misery, as an extra 5,000 cars use the heavily congested, inadequate A40 and roads around us.    

You may have been lulled into a position of thinking that the Government's recent announcement of funding for infrastructure and housing in Oxfordshire is the solution to our problems.  EPIC’s examination of the detail leads us to conclude that the £250 million promised will go no way near securing a sustainable transport system that will resolve the heavy congestion and air pollution.  In fact, this funding only includes a feasibility study for a west-bound bus lane on the A40 - NOT BUILDING IT!  This is hardly an adequate response to the people of Eynsham’s advice for "sorting out the roads before building”. 

Residents also demand housing for local needs that people can afford.  They want social housing, studio/1 and 2 bed flats, 1st time buyer housing, shared ownership, self-build, co-housing, community land value capture, infrastructure and greenspace. They want development that enhances our precious community spirit, that doesn’t ruin the countryside or decimate valuable farmland and biodiversity .


EPIC Petition

Thank you,

The EPIC team


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