Extra Full Council Meeting Eynsham Parish Council
18 Jan 2022 19:30 - 20:30 at Village Hall

Full Parish Council Meeting 

at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18 January 2022 to be held at 

the Main Hall, Village Hall, Back Lane and  

remotely by M.Teams 


AGENDA & SUMMONS 2022-01-18_Extra_Full_Council_Meeting

1. To receive apologies for absence.  

2. To receive Declarations of Interest in agenda items.  

3. To approve the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 7 December 2021. 

4. To approve the minutes of the Extra Parish Council Meeting of 20 December 2021.  

5. To approve the minutes of the Amenities & Estates Meeting of 14 December 2021 and note the delegated decisions.  

6. To approve the minutes of the Eynsham Traffic Working Group Meeting of 14 December 2021.  

7. Public Participation - to receive submissions from members of the public. 

8. To consider the co-option of Felicity Burnell and agree actions.  

9. To consider creating a Community Speedwatch Group as recommended by the Eynsham Traffic Working Group.  

10. To resolve to install a defibrillator at the Pavilion (Amenities & Estates Committee 9 November 2021 - 21/AE68 refers)

11. Planning matters - To consider the following applications:- 

(a) 21/03858/LBC - Cobden, 45 Queen Street - Refurbishment works and alterations to existing fireplace opening and chimney breast to kitchen, including repositioning of beam upwards to improve cooking facilities. 

(b) 21/03981/S73 - 4 Oxford Road - Erection of two dwellings, non-compliance with conditions 2 and 3 of 15/03956/FUL to allow design and material changes (retrospective). 

12. Finance 

(a) To approve payment of accounts. 2022-01-18_12a_Schedule of Payments

(a) To approve bank reconciliation. 

13. Strategic Plan 

(a) To approve the consultation report and Council responses subject to minor amendments. 2022-01-18_13a_Strategic_Plan_Consultation_Report

(b) To approve the Strategic Plan and Master Projects List subject to minor amendments. 

14. To note the date of the next Parish Council meeting, 1 February 2022, 7.30pm in the Village Hall.  All committee meetings are cancelled for the month of January. 

Event Venue

Village Hall

46 Back Lane
Oxfordshire  OX29 4QW

T: 0793 583 2702