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Not Before Time 5 May 2020 Repairs to the road beside the Toll Bridge collection booth may be on the way at last

Oxfordshire County Council officers have written to the owner of Swinford Toll Bridge, requesting urgent attention to the road on either side of the collection booth, plus a longer term plan for a more permanent resurfacing proposal.

Though repairs are desperately needed, this is not an OCC responsibility, as the bridge is privately owned.

The final straw seems to have been a note from County Councillor Charles Mathew (on behalf of an Eynsham resident), with an extended commentary along the lines that...

‘This is not the first request... The current situation is longstanding and in my view it is ridiculous to claim improvements to the A40 when the long queues remain at the Tollbridge. I have been [raising this] for some 5 years since the report by Siemens on the smartcarding solution, outlining costs and action needed.’

We shall keep you posted on progress.


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