What We Do


During the summer / autumn members of the Footpaths Committee aim to cover the footpath network and record problems such as broken stiles and gates, missing sign-posts, impassable vegetation, etc. The completed inventory is passed to the County Council (OCC) - which is responsible for the maintenance of rights of way - with a request for the repairs to be undertaken.


Keeping rights of way in good condition is an ongoing, collaborative task so please get in touch if you would like to help with the survey - or if you find a particular problem on a path. OCC have a clearing schedule, to which they add paths and bridleways that are reported to them year on year. It is therefore important to report paths that are overgrown, as well as those with obstacles and hazards. If you know the path number, you can pinpoint the issue on the OCC map. If not, please contact a member of this Committee.

The Parish Council hopes to suggest further improvements and developments but the immediate priority is to ensure that paths and bridleways within the Parish conform to OCC's definitive statement.


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