Planning Jargon Buster

Here are (some) of the acronyms and abbreviations currently being used 

AAP : Area Action Plan – applies to the 2200 new homes of SCGV north of A40 and will control the details of development there.

AAP Issues Paper : published by WODC in June. Consultation runs until August 3rd. Many of the AAP Issues are taken from the ENP but now we need to make sure they are acted upon.

ENP : Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan – within limits set by LDP will control development with Eynsham Parish. Sponsored by EPC, prepared by local residents. Currently redrafted and ready for consultation (sorry, another one) in August (as soon as AAP one ends).

EPC : Eynsham Parish Council - are consulted on planning matters, try to represent local interests by meeting with WODC and developers.

GV : Garden Village - a new community, not an extension to an existing one, built to specific design principles first used around 1900 and recently revived to foster the ideas of good design, good community and 'green' environmental sustainability.

LDP : Local Development Plan 2031 sets planning rules for next 12-15 years in whole of West Oxfordshire, about 15000 new homes. Created by WODC, currently going through the approval process due to complete late 2018, early 2019.It includes an extra 3200 homes in Eynsham Parish

SCGV : Salt Cross Garden Village - name given by central government to a WODC proposal for a GV on the other side of the A40 to Eynsham for a new community built according to GV principles.

SDA : Strategic Development Area - a large area allocated by the LDP for development including the West Eynsham SDA of 1000 new homes west of the village. There will be some consultation but not at the same level or an examination as the masterplan for this area will be a supplementary planning document which carries less legal weight that the AAP.

SPD : Suplementary Planning Document - large developments need to be planned as a whole and this is the document which will try to do that. Unlike an AAP, a SPD is not legally enforcible but will be taken into account when final planning applications are made.

WODC : West Oxfordshire District Council - based in Witney, elected members determine policy, officers provide technical advice.


LDP, ENP and AAP are primary planning documents which mean they have legal force in the areas they apply to and development must comply with them. They are very important and are subject to various levels of consultation and examination.

Consultation is when the public have an opportunity to comment on proposals before they are finally agreed. It's often the case that consultation responses are ignored and many people won't bother on that basis. It's not always true though and the first consultation on the AAP Issues Paper is a case in point. At Examination, an expert looks at both plan and consultation responses to check that plan is factually accurate, meets legal requirements and will, in all probability, achieve the results it is required to by national policy.