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Reptile Survey 10 Jun 2020 As part of the Nature Recovery Project the Peace Oak is undertaking a reptile survey

As part of the Nature Recovery Project, the Peace has joined an Eynsham wide reptile survey. Guided by Neil Clennell, herpetologist and head of the Wychwood Project we have established eight sites around the Peace Oak which we hope will attract reptiles. Slow worms are seen regularly in the orchard and hopefully we will be able to get a fuller picture of their population, as well as of other wildlife through this scheme.

A book has been placed in the "clubhouse" which shows the locations of the sites, information on how to identify them and sheets for recording the finds. We are happy for anyone to undertake the survey so long as they abide by a few simple rules., the principle one is not to conduct a survey unless three whole days have passsed since the last one.