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Climate change - opportunities to act 28 May 2020 There are two upcoming chances for local action on climate change - deadlines coming up in June.

1 Make a positive investment: the Low Carbon Community Energy Fund is now open for new investment. Eynsham is a partner and potential beneficiary in this investment and putting your money in this is not only good for the planet but also good for Eynsham.  It will also help our Safe and Fair Neighbourhood project which is part of the groundbreaking Project LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire). Details below. Deadline 10 June.

2 Shape West Oxfordshire’s Climate Change Strategy:
Your chance to show WODC that Climate Change is your priority. It is a quick and simple questionnaire - we need to show that Eynsham is motivated. Deadline 16 June.

Low Carbon Hub Community Energy Fund
The Low Carbon Hub now want to raise £1.5 million of new investment into the Community Energy Fund to allow them to continue to develop the portfolio of renewable energy generation projects including rooftop solar PV arrays, and developing ground mount solar sites to support Project LEO

We hope that the new Solar Farm in Eynsham will be one of the projects part owned by the Low Carbon Hub, so any investment in this fund will directly be supporting renewable energy created in Eynsham. As one of Project Leo’s Safe and Fair Neighbourhoods, Eynsham and the potential Garden Village will also be benefitting from their expertise and funding to create an exemplar of local energy supply, to reduce demand and increase renewable supply in our area for the long term. GreenTEA has a long and successful working relationship with the Low Carbon Hub who are bringing the change we need at scale.

So this is the moment to use your money for community benefit, the planet and to receive a fair return. The deadline is June 10th.

You need to make sure you understand the benefits and risks of this kind of investment and Green TEA is not legally allowed to promote any kind of financial package, but we do hope you will click on this link and decide for yourselves.