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Green TEA festival trail - update 28 Sep 2020 Find out about the many village projects contributing towards a greener and more resilient future - Sunday 4 October

This year our annual festival takes the form of a village walking trail to show the work that Green TEA and others are doing to promote a more environmentally friendly community. The event has been designed to be Covid-19 safe, with sites to be visited by family groups in any order to maintain social distancing. In light of concerns about risk, the apple juicing and waste giveaways have been cancelled, but the rest of the event will go ahead. The trail will be open between 11 and 4 pm on Sunday 4th October.

Please note that safety is our top priority, so people should attend in groups of no more five when they are talking to one of our stall holders, and remember that you can pick up the map from the website or any of the trail sites- i.e. you don’t need to start in the square.

Activities and information include:

  • Allotments and Peace Oak orchard
  • Transforming Eynsham - energy for the future
  • Eco houses - meet the experts
  • Electric cars and bikes
  • Children's puzzles and activities
  • Plant and veg swap

Collect a map from any of the locations or download your own copy below or using the QR code on the posters.