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New Term Creative Embroidery 6 Jan 2018 (Creative Embroidery Group) A short silk strip weaving project followed by a project based on Matisse's Still Life paintings

We will be starting the term with a 2 week project using shiny Indian scarves and silk habutai with ribbons and tapes to weave a basis for some stitching and will produce a small piece suitable for various uses includind as a cushion front or a bag front.

We will then move onto the main project for the term which is to use Matisse's portraits and still lives as inspiration, find an object such as a pot or vase we love and make a piece based on this, filled with flowers or in conjunction with other objects and memories using a variety of techniques incuding piecing, appliqué, stitch and couching.

We are a diverse group of all abilities and can all be supported as needed.

Techniques and stitches are described and demonstrated and help is given where required with design ideas

Eynsham NewsEynsham HeritageEynsham FuturesEynsham Image Archive