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The Big Chill 10 Dec 2017 (Eynsham Parish Council) This gritting advice and call for neighbourly volunteers from 2014 is just as valid today

DATELINE 11/12/2014

For the first time, the Parish Council has taken delivery of a large bag of road-grit, courtesy of Oxfordshire County Council, for use on village pavements if we have ice or snow this winter. Cllr Richard Andrews reports.

We have also arranged for a grit-bin, thanks to a grant from Cottsway, at the junction of Acre End Street and Witney Road so that people and cars can get up the slope from Merton Close and help keep this key roundabout clear.

However, we do have one problem - we don't have staff to spread the grit. We need volunteers who are willing and able to shovel snow, spread grit and generally be available to help keep pathways clear using tools we are buying with the Cottsway grant.

It would be easier if residents were required to keep the footpath in front of their property clear as in Germany and if people didn’t peddle silly urban myths about being sued if someone slips on a bit you have cleared. You can’t be sued unless you make things worse - I did see someone use hot water to clear the pavement once, replacing snow by sheet ice ...

If you are willing to help, please contact the Parish Clerk, providing a phone number in case you are needed. We will provide basic safety advice and you will be covered by our insurance if you are available to help us when the need arises.


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