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Four Eynsham Beavers Earn Top Award 2 Mar 2021 Four Beaver Scouts have achieved the Chief Scout's Bronze Award - the highest achievement for a Beaver Scout.

Congratulations to  Beaver Scouts Jacob, Samuel, Lukas and Oliver on achieving the Chief Scout's Bronze Award!

To get this award a Beaver Scout has to complete five challenge badges with themes of Skills, Teamwork, Outdoors, Adventure and World. They also need to earn four other badges - anything from 'Air Activities' to 'Photographer'. They then have to complete two personal challenges, individually agreed with the Beaver Leaders. So anyone you see wearing the Chief Scout's Bronze Award must be adventurous, have helped their community and have learned about the world. They've also gained skills, worked as a team, and joined in with Beavers steadily for about two years. It's just as well that all that hard work is really good fun!




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