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Eynsham Scouts 'Polar Trail' 2021 19 Jan 2021 Imagine sledging around the Arctic, while really doing a 2.5km circuit of Eynsham...

Get your polar gear together and harness up your huskies for the Eynsham Polar Trail, courtesy of Eynsham Beavers!

The Eynsham Scouts Polar Trail invites you to imagine sledging around the Arctic, while in real life it takes you in a circuit around five public notice boards in Eynsham.

The trail is self-guided. It is available until 2 February. The total distance is 2.5 km (just over 1.5 miles). Walk, run, cycle, scooter, skate – get around any way you like.

How to play

Use the trail map to work out a route to your nearest notice board and then around the circuit. You can start the game at any of these notice boards, and then carry on until you get back to where you started.

(It’s probably possible to get around just using local knowledge if you know Eynsham well. But Scouts should practice using a map, as required for ‘Navigator’ badge.)

When you’ve found a notice board, look for the Eynsham Scouts Polar Trail notice to read your ‘next mission’. This tells you where to go (in real life Eynsham) and why (in the game).

Each location has one or two code letters. Put all together, these make the name of an arctic animal – what is it?

First Eynsham Beaver Scouts are doing this as part of our work on 'Navigator' badge, but we thought that other people might like something a bit different for exercise during lockdown.


Please enjoy this trail safely as a form of exercise during lockdown:

  • Make sure that you do all that is needed to stay safe when moving around on the pavements and roads.
  • Everybody must follow the current laws and rules for preventing the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Beaver Scouts – you can practice making good decisions about what clothes and equipment are sensible to take on outdoor activities (also part of Navigator badge). Check the weather forecast before you go out, so you know what you’ll need to stay comfortable!


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