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End of an Era 1 May 2021 Louise Lau tells the story of the man (and the family) behind Rainbow House

Many decades ago my grandfather took a brave step. He risked everything to create a better life for the ones he loved and moved his young family from Hong Kong to England.

He spoke no English and knew very few people but this didn't suppress the dreams of a man unafraid of hard work and filled with determination.

I'm not sure he imagined the success the take away would have. So many of you have walked through the doors over the last 44 years, but to see some get married and bring in your children and then your grandchildren is special. I guess that's the bonus of setting up in (what was) a small village! Love was also found at The Rainbow House. Two young, shy teenagers found one another. Those teenagers were my parents, who got married and spent 33 happy years together.

Last year, aged 92, we sadly lost the man who started it all. So many of you lined the streets to pay respects and watched on as we said goodbye with a traditional Chinese funeral. He'd have been touched.

You all know the legendary front of house man, my uncle, Yip! But there are those in the kitchen. My father, my aunt, her husband, Yip’s wife, who stepped in after my eldest uncle and wife retired last summer and cousin.

The gifts, cards and surprises that have been left over the last week have been overwhelming. It's been so busy the last 7 days they will be properly admired tomorrow. That's unless grandma sneaks in and eats all the chocolates tonight - she's known for this.

Thank you to each and every one of you who walked through the doors. You stayed with us through the good, the bad and the uncertain times. I’m/we’re truly grateful.

It’s an honour to be served the final meal my dad will ever cook in his kitchen, with a wok moulded to his hand grip.

After almost 45 years, working 6-day weeks with few holidays, it’s time to relax and enjoy retirement.


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