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28 Feb 2021 23:55 - 23:55 at Eynsham Village

Eynsham Parish Council’s consultation on community projects to offset the impact of development has been extended to 28 February. You’ll find a summary below for ease of reference. Items 2-8 (only) are listed in Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan Appendix B. There is a space at the end for further suggestions. Please...

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Responses will be reviewed on 9 February 2021. Please contact the Clerk if you have any queries.

  1. Additional part time staff for planning matters /communications and revision of the Neighbourhood Plan
  2. Improved parking for residents and visitors in the village centre - Appendix B (A)
  3. Implementing traffic management and cycle path projects - Appendix B (B)
  4. Creating an attractive feature of the village entrances and approach to the business area - Appendix B (C)
  5. Purchasing assets of community value to protect them from development - Appendix B (D)
  6. Improving the street scene near Spar, Harris’s Corner and Library - Appendix B (E)
  7. Providing facilities at new allotment sites - Appendix B (F)
  8. Contribution towards Eynsham Museum Fund: £250,000 - Appendix B (G)
  9. Contribution towards maintenance of Primary School swimming pool - for OCC to apply
  10. Fishponds improvements: £50,000
  11. Play Areas - refurbishment & maintenance, extension of skate park, new outdoor gyms, community events
  12. Burial Ground - land and funds
  13. Replacement Sports Pavilion and new astroturf pitch, Oxford Road
  14. Highway improvement / public realm projects to keep vehicle speeds low, as recommended in The Urbanists Report 2017: £282,060
  15. Contribution to local bus services - for OCC to apply.


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