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GreenTEA News

GreenTEA November newsletter 12 Nov 2020 Sadly our GreenTEA Festival Trail has again been cancelled, but we are putting on an exhibition in the centre of the village.

Thanks to Pimms and Co we can use their windows for the rest of lockdown to give you some positive news about how Eynsham is at the forefront of low carbon building.

Green TEA is working to transform and Eynsham’s energy.... to ensure that all new building reaches the highest environmental standards, piloting a smarter way of using the grid and producing community owned energy.

Green TEA has been finding local solutions to climate change for twelve years.. from planting to planning, from swap shops to solar, recycling to recovery, from apples to action plans ...and just when we feel defeated by growth and greed we find the answer is Green - and it’s within our reach......

Please visit the display at Abbey Rentals in the Square from 17 November and tell your friends.