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Current consultations

AAP Issues Paper – closes August 3rd, 2018

Find the document online here; how to respond is on page 64

WODC initial thoughts on the Garden Village north of the A40. Unusual in that these are not ‘proposals’ but issues which need to be taken into account in preparing the actual AAP documents. As such they present an excellent opportunity for people to have there say early in the process before positions have been taken. (Typical consultations are done later when the consulter defends their position by largely ignoring the comments)

Many of the issues come from the Neighbourhood Plan so we have already been listened to ...

BUT there is no guarantee any of our issues will make it into the actual AAP.

EPC strongly encourages everyone to write in to support anything and everything they consider valuable so that those who want to do a good job of the Garden Village can demonstrate local support but please make it clear your support is only if they do as a minimum what they suggest in the Issues Paper.

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