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Wharf Stream Update 1 Aug 2014 Otters and reed buntings make this so worthwhile. More helpers welcome!

The Wharf Stream Team - David, Richard and Wilf - have been at it again. David says, Wharf Stream is coping with abundant growth of reeds, grasses, water mint and watercress. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures show how we maintain this treasure.

“In Ollie Dog this morning we came across a half eaten 18” carp in the reeds on the north bank. The reeds had not been disturbed from the land side so we suspected ‘otters’. Sure enough a few minutes later, on the south bank, there was a movement in the reeds we all three saw it. The disturbance was too robust to be a bird, so I reckon we had been a few feet from an otter. We also found a reed bunting nest ...

“If you want to help out, we go down most Thursdays about 09:45. We could do with another ‘fit’ member, as two of us are burnt out after 15 minutes work!”