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Wharf Stream Update 21 May 2016 David Miller offers yet another reason for a visit to this quiet corner of the village

We recommend anyone walking beside the Wharf Stream should stop at the Siemens picnic table and enjoy a few minutes admiring the magnificent gigantic poplar tree.

Just sitting there for a few minutes, we realised starlings are inhabiting an old woodpecker hole and jackdaws are raising a family in a knot hole plus many other varieties of bird visit its sheltering branches.

Quote from Wharf Stream News November 2012

“The aim to provide a bridge-wide pool is progressing and the island will eventually disappear. The 'information station' is currently on 'hold'...no funds for the artwork!”

Four years on by sweat and tears we have achieved our aim albeit the ‘pool’ is only inches deep! The ‘information’ artwork at the footbridge is nice and replaces the need for an ‘information station’ (like the ones in the village), though I still hanker for one to record the contribution this ancient (1302) canal has made to the village.