Reporting an Issue

The Parish Council is aware that residents, understandably, often don’t know who is responsible for all the things that keep our village pleasant and running as it should.

To help you find how to report an issue, we have created a list of the common concerns and who best to speak to for a remedy.

These are the areas that are currently Eynsham Parish Council’s responsibility:

  1. Grass cutting within the Parish Council land and most highway verges
  2. Play area maintenance/safety concerns
  3. Oxford Road Playing Fields maintenance
  4. Noticeboards
  5. Public benches
  6. Bus shelters (depending on location)
  7. Sports Pavilion
  8. Trees on Parish Council land
  9. Some public waste bins (see sticker on the bin – the Parish Council bins have a QR code for quickly reporting that a bin needs emptying)
  10. Eynsham Village Hall – (bookings can be made with Stephanie Norton via or on 07935 832 702)

For all these, unless otherwise stated, you can contact the Parish Council via or


These are the issues that fall outside of Parish Council responsibility:

  1. Household waste collection/missing bin – West Oxfordshire District Council (Report a missed bin - West Oxfordshire District Council (
  2. Litter/dog bin collections – West Oxfordshire District Council (Litter, street cleaning and dog fouling - West Oxfordshire District Council (
  3. Road repairs – Oxfordshire County Council (via
  4. On-road parking concerns – Oxfordshire County Council (Parking | Oxfordshire County Council)
  5. Parking wardens – Oxfordshire County Council (previously West Oxfordshire District Council) (Roads, travel and parking | Oxfordshire County Council)
  6. Trees on highway verges – Oxfordshire County Council (Trees and woodland | Oxfordshire County Council)
  7. Fly-tipping – Oxfordshire County Council (Fly-tipping | Oxfordshire County Council)
  8. Bartholomew Room (currently leased to Eynsham Museum and Heritage Centre: About – eynshammuseum)
  9. Issues with footpaths and bridleways (Oxfordshire County Council: Public Rights of Way - Countryside Access Map (

Please use the links to report your issues.


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