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Eynsham Parish Council considers all issues and concerns relating to traffic and road sharing and works with Oxfordshire County Council accordingly. We know that travel and traffic are important topics for those living in our Parish, with concerns rising as more developments are planned nearby. 

Previous Traffic Advisory and Traffic Advisory Sub Committees have been discontinued. You are still able to view documents by clicking on the links, but they are now for background information purposes only. You can also read more about the decision-making process on this page. 

To replace the disbanded Advisory Committees we have established the Traffic Working Group. On this page you will be able to access meeting dates (see below), minutes and agendas

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Traffic in Eynsham village - Traffic in Eynsham village - Photographer Eynsham OnlineLocal school children campaigning - Local school children campaigning - Photographer Eynsham OnlineArtist impression of integrated bus lanes - Artist impression of integrated bus lanes - Photographer Eynsham OnlineLocal speed limits - Three people holding a sign reminding drivers of speed limits - Photographer Eynsham OnlineTraffic on Eynsham roads - Traffic on Eynsham roads - Photographer Eynsham OnlineTraffic-sensitive streets in and around Eynsham - A map showing busiest traffic routes - Photographer Eynsham Online