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“Our church with its graceful tall pillars and clear light is a powerful reminder of the talents of our ancestors and of the joyful faith which inspired their craft.”

From the 15th century nave, look over the entrance arch for remnants of a stone arch from the ruined Benedictine abbey of St Mary. The abbey buildings lay to the south, in the area now covered by the graveyards of St Leonard's and St Peter's Church. The churchyard has a separate photo gallery.

The story of the (more recent) St Leonard's tapestry kneelers is recounted in Eynsham Record 26 (2009), pages 10-13, supplemented by another photo gallery.

The church is open for the Eynsham Flower Festival each July.


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Flower Festival 04/07/2014 - The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field ... - Photographer Parochial Church CouncilLook for the Green Man below the rim of the font - Photographer Eynsham Onlinesite of the abbey buildings - Photographer Eynsham OnlineNorman abbey 1109 & Anglo-Saxon abbey 1005

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St Leonard's Church

Market Square
Oxfordshire  OX29 4UG

Hours: Sunday Holy Communion 09:00, Morning Service 10:45

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