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Clinical Pilates for Contented Minds

Clinical Pilates for Contented Minds supports YOUR body, mind and emotional health. Sessions integrate modified (Level 1-5) exercises developed by Joseph Pilates with flowing Yoga body postures, the elasticity of Fascial Fitness and flexibility of Moving Stretch. Imagine softening and lengthening as you simultaneously strengthen and stabilise your body.

During Covid-19, Series 5 sessions (20th April - 22nd May) will be streamed on Zoom. Sessions are taught as a progression of movement sessions incorporating functionally active and restful-restorative sessions. Exercises are performed standing, seated or lying on your side, back and front with added movement awareness between transitions.  

Sessions are £6 by BACS pay-as-you-go, please pay the day before for link to be sent to you. Block payment options include: £25 one session per week, £48 two sessions per week, £70 three sessions per week. If you are a new client, please call me for an online telephone consultation, to request BACS details and provide your email address.

·       Monday                10.00am 

·       Wednesday          7.00pm

·       Friday                   10.00am

Please arrive for sessions at 9.45am or 6.45pm to check zoom audio and video settings, with a group check-in from 9.55am or 6.55pm with a prompt start on the hour. There will be an opportunity at the end of the session to check-in again together. I request you clear a space at home to position you mat, rolled up towel, cushion or over-ball and device to zoom on. There are two standing, two four-point kneeling, one seated and three supine (on your back) sequences to help you prepare positioning – please avoid straining your neck to view the screen. We will be following Government Guidance with Series 6 continuing on Zoom at the times above or returning to regular group sessions at The Music Room at original times.

Finally, some blurb about Jane: after a career in the public sector and becoming a mum, Jane has worked as a Clinical & Sports Massage Therapist (BTEC L6) for 10 years and as a mat-work Clinical Pilates Teacher (APPI) for 5 years. Whilst living in Eynsham she owned Meridian Clinic and Studio offering treatments and 4-10 Clinical Pilates sessions per week. Since her move to Oxford in 2018 she has started training as a CranioSacral Therapist with the Upledger Institute whilst also working part-time as a Health and Wellbeing Officer with a local District Council. Jane is passionate about living a life she loves between Oxford, Bristol and Barcelona and encourages everyone she meets to live their dream…

For more information visit or call Jane for a telephone consultation.


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The Music Room - Ready for session to start... - Photographer Jane McDonaldMats  - Thick enough to rock and roll on.... - Photographer Jane McDonaldSmall Equipment  - Ova balls and blocks to add focus and extra challenge... - Photographer Jane McDonaldSmall Equipment  - Spikey balls to stimulate muscle and fascia, ova balls to challenge stability and head cushions for support....  - Photographer Jane McDonaldMats and Balls - Equipment provided at all venues. Mats provided at The Music Room, not at Eynsham Baptist Church. - Photographer Jane McDonald

Find Us

The Music Room

off Queen Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4LA

T: 07971 470 745

Hours: During Covid-19 - Monday 10.00am, Wednesday 7.00pm & Friday 10.00am

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