Traffic Advisory Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee is responsible for the 20mph speed limit scheme in Eynsham and other road sharing issues including parking.

Representatives from local authorities and other relevant organisations may be co-opted to the Sub-Committee as non-members in order to discharge the functions of the Sub-Committee (Local Government Act 1972 s.102(3) refers).


This page is a snapshot taken on 10 May 2021, plus documents available at the time.

Committee Members


  • Trevor Bayliss, Stagecoach
  • Mike Wasley, Oxfordshire County Council
  • Sandy Hellig, Eynsham-Retail Group
  • Robin Saunders, Eynsham-Retail Group

Background papers for ‘The 20mph Project’ from 2016 to 2018 are available on the Parish Council’s ‘Traffic’ page.